Samuel’s Joy

“Learn to do good; Seek justice, rebuke the oppressor; Defend the fatherless, plead for the widow.” –Isaiah 1:17
Samuel stole our hearts years ago when he joined our Hope Africa Family after tragically losing both parents (see https://hopeafricakids.org/samuels-voice/). He has progressed so far in spite of his many challenges, now attending school, caring for himself, doing chores, and helping his adoptive mother, Grace. Some may have thought he could not do much, so why try? Schools rejected having him in their classrooms because of his special needs, but Grace loved him and cared for him as her own. She faithfully followed every instruction given by doctors, educators and physical therapists. His improvement physically, socially and academically has astounded us, and today he is attending a small pre-school close to his home. He walks to school by himself, cheerfully greeting friends and neighbors on the way…everyone loves Samuel!
Grace and Samuel have taught us that all children are important to God, so they should be important to us too! Grace is a widow and often has to care for her own grandchildren, but she didn’t allow her circumstances to stand in the way of helping a child in need. Samuel has shown the people of Kapchorwa that children can overcome many obstacles and have a God-given purpose, no matter what their needs may be. Samuel brings joy and life wherever he goes, and celebrated with all our sponsored children at the Christmas Party this year, stealing their hearts and teaching them what it means to love all people. We love you Samuel!
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Mama Moses

The heart of Hope Africa International has always been to partner with parents, teachers, pastors, and guardians to raise up the next generation. Parents in all parts of the world have hopes and dreams for the future of their children, but not all parents have the means to actualize these hopes and dreams. Teachers in all parts of the world strive to educate their students for success in life, but not all teachers have the resources to give their students the best possible education. People (siblings, aunts, uncles, neighbors) around the world receive children as their own, loving them with every part of their being, but not everyone is able to provide for the needs of these children.

“Mama Moses” was widowed and growing older when one day her life was changed forever. She woke up from a nap, walked outside and noticed her cow was missing. After searching, she found the cow, untangled his lead from the bushes and then it walked away. Mama Moses caught up to the cow, finding a newborn infant in the bush next to it! She tells her story with passion and love as she became the mother to Moses, raising him as her own son. We feel blessed to partner with Mama Moses through sponsorship. Watch her powerful story to learn more!

Film and photos produced by James Christopher Yankey


Speak Up!

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice.”

–Proverbs 31:8-9 (NLT)

Survival is often what dictates the actions of people facing extreme poverty. How can one dream of the future or think about any long-term plans when she is simply trying to find something to eat or a place to sleep?

This is exactly what happened to Juliet, years ago when she had completed Secondary 4 with her ordinary diploma. She did have dreams back then, dreams of completing her schooling and receiving her advanced diploma so she could go to university. She may have had dreams of her mother growing old and being there for her when she had her own children with a loving husband. Then, these dreams dwindled when her single mother became extremely ill and passed away, leaving Juliet without the means to finish school or even provide for herself. She felt at that time the only answer was to get married.

The man she married changed drastically as addiction and violence took over his life. He refused to care for his wife and two young boys, using all their resources to fuel his addiction. He turned on his wife, physically abusing her day after day, something which is tragically common in Uganda.

Thankfully, she had the courage to walk away, knowing that she had to protect her children and find a way to provide for them. She eventually was hired by one of our partner schools, Alpha Primary School, where she provides manual labor, proving to be diligent at work and at home.

Our Ugandan staff were moved in their hearts by her story and registered her son, Abraham for sponsorship. The waiting must have been painful for Juliet and Abraham, wondering if he would ever have the opportunity to reach his potential and trusting that God had not forgotten them. In fact, Abraham waited for an entire year and then just last week, he was sponsored! We rejoice with Juliet and Abraham, knowing that sponsorship will make all the difference in his life!

In October, while in Uganda, I received 27 new child registrations for sponsorship, each child with a unique story and difficult circumstances (like Abraham’s). We so desire to see these children receive an opportunity to become all that God created them to be, to experience hope, and to know the depths of His everlasting love and grace!

Would you consider giving a child a new opportunity as we approach the New Year? It is a simple, relatively small investment creating lasting change in Uganda. May we “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves”!

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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Rita’s mother didn’t know where to turn when her husband passed away, leaving her to care for seven children in rural Uganda. The children went to a government school, but still had fees to pay in order to go to school. They worked hard, making coal from firewood and selling it in town to help out with the family needs. Eventually, Rita was sponsored and was able to fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher. Today, she is a certified teacher at Amazing Grace Primary School, one of Hope Africa International’s partnering schools in Uganda. Rita is giving back to the program and her country by serving as a teacher and supporting her mother, nieces and nephews through the income she is earning. Sponsorship is one of the best solutions to alleviating poverty as it addresses the educational, physical and spiritual needs of children who are the future!

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