10 Ways Hope Africa International Is Unique


Hope Africa . . .

Was started by Local Oregonians who care about Uganda’s future.

Hope Africa International began in 2009 as a group of people from Central Oregon who shared a deep passion to see change in the small communities of Kapchorwa and Ngenge, Uganda. They believed this change would happen through educating children. The program grew quickly to over 450 children, sponsored primarily by residents of Central Oregon.


Provides the best education in Eastern Uganda.

Hope Africa provides school fees for students to attend quality private schools. They are given the best possible opportunity for success and teachers who care deeply for their students.

Is locally managed by Ugandans.

Hope Africa is locally managed by highly educated Ugandan staff who are passionate about children and believe in the value of community. This is important because Ugandans understand their culture and community better than Westerners ever could.


Encourages personal relationship between children and sponsors.

Sponsorship with Hope Africa International offers sponsors the opportunity to know their sponsored child personally, through letters, photos, and perhaps even a supervised visit to Uganda!


Staff know who is truly in need.

Since our program is small and confined to two rural Ugandan communities, our local staff know the children well. They know their family situations and whether or not they are truly in need. This helps us ensure that the most vulnerable children are receiving our help.


Encourages children to “give back.”

Hope Africa expects all sponsored students to “give back” by helping with outreach events, visiting hospitals, and helping the younger children. They’re given regular opportunities to grow their leadership skills.


Graduates become its future volunteers.

Because the program contributed so much to their own success, many of Hope Africa’s graduates return as volunteers, assisting with camps and other events.


Values partnership between program and parents.

Hope Africa sees sponsorship as a partnership between the donors, the program, and the sponsored child’s parents. Parents and guardians are expected to participate by making small financial contributions to the program, volunteering at camps and Center Days, and by supporting their child’s study habits.


Holds to a high standard of financial accountability.

Hope Africa holds to an extremely high level of financial accountability. To maintain transparency and ensure integrity, we require monthly financial reports, access to local bank accounts, and annual professional audits.


Keeps our USA administrative overhead minimal.

Hope Africa strives for frugality and keeps our USA administrative overhead small (See financial reports here). We employ just two part-time staff and utilize a team of volunteers for help with administration and fundraising. This means more funds are available for the Ugandan children’s direct needs.