She thought it was just a passing thing when her husband became suddenly ill. But, it was only a short time before he died, and she was left to raise her four children on her own. To make matters worse, her in-laws took her land and home she and her husband had built together, an all too common occurrence in Africa. What would she do?

Since her parents passed away when she was a young girl in school, she was unable to complete her education. Without an education or skills, finding a job to meet the needs of her family seemed impossible. Thankfully, her own parents had left her a bit of property, so she rented out some rooms providing just enough income to feed her children. Even so, she felt completely alone without any family to support or encourage her and school fees were out of the question. Her greatest fear was that her children would move in the same direction in their lives, never stepping out of poverty and despair. After hearing her story, we registered her daughter, Noeline for sponsorship, waiting patiently for someone to sponsor Noeline. The waiting game can be so difficult for our families, sometimes taking up to a year for a sponsor.

Last week, I sensed we should share a little of ten year-old Noeline’s story on Facebook, hoping that someone would be moved to sponsor her. Within an hour, someone texted us saying she was brought to tears when she saw Noeline’s photo because she herself has four children, the oldest a ten year-old daughter. She simply couldn’t imagine raising her four children on her own, so this sponsor chose to invest in Noeline’s life and education! Have you been thinking of sponsoring a vulnerable child? Sponsorship with Hope Africa International brings hope to families, providing school fees, uniforms, shoes, medical care and food for the most impoverished children in Eastern Uganda. Learn more about how our small organization is impacting vulnerable children in Uganda today!

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