When Hellen received the news that her nephew was sponsored, she was overwhelmed with tears! Hellen had been praying for this day to come as she struggled to meet Enock’s basic needs on her own.

When she was asked why she was crying, she said, “I am just expressing my joy to the Almighty God for the sponsorship of Enock! God is full of love and is never late in anything.” This woman has incredible faith and trust in the Lord.

When he was only eight months old, Enock’s mother dropped him off at his Auntie’s house. Little did Hellen know that she would leave and never return, disappearing despite Hellen’s search efforts. Hellen cried daily, wondering how she would care for this tiny baby when she was already advancing in years and barely able to care for herself. She did her best to provide for Enock and most of all give him the love he desperately needed.

When I personally met Enock and Hellen in January 2016, it was obvious how proud she was of this little man! She greeted us with arms open wide, full of gratitude that we would consider adding Enock to our program. She insisted that we wait for her to dress up in her prized traditional African outfit to take a photo with her beloved Enock. We could easily see that Hellen had made a difference in her nephew’s life. Where would he be without her?

After many months of patiently waiting, Hellen’s tears of joy and gratitude are shed because she can see there are good people in the world who are willing to reach out to those who are suffering.