JoshuaMukenya25937dascoEvery one of our families at Hope Africa has a story of tragedy and a story of hope. When a child is sponsored, we believe the blessing extends to his or her family as our Ugandan staff invest spiritually and emotionally in their lives. During the 1970’s, Joshua’s great-grandparents came to Uganda as refugees to escape political violence in Kenya. Gracious people assisted them and helped them to begin a new life. Born shortly after they arrived in Uganda, Joshua’s grandfather never received an education but married at the early age of sixteen. The entire family was uprooted again shortly after Sunday (Joshua’s father) was born. They fled to the mountain town of Kapchorwa, Uganda to find refuge from the cattle raids of the Karamojong tribe in the lowlands. Their sense of security was soon shattered when HIV emerged in Uganda, ravaging this already fragile family. When Sunday was just four years old, his father died of HIV, and then his mother, also infected with HIV, died two years later. To complicate matters even more, Sunday’s aunt and uncle died of HIV leaving thirteen children to be cared for by Sunday’s grandparents, who were also struggling with their health. Several years later, Sunday’s grandparents died leaving the entire family in his care. Sunday was married by age fifteen just so he could have someone to help carry the burden of his orphaned family members. Today, 19 family members, including three of Sunday’s siblings and eight-year old Joshua live in a tiny, 3 room, non-permanent home in Kapchorwa. Sunday and his wife have been hoping and praying for Joshua’s future. We rejoice with them because Joshua was sponsored this month and has the chance to receive a quality education and hope for a brighter future!