Lillian was sponsored at a time when her father was too ill to work, leaving him very few resources to support his children. In addition to this, he had to take out loans to pay for his medical expenses. The burden of the loans overwhelmed the family and the children suffered greatly, with no hope of completing their schooling. Lillian was sponsored at that time and proved to be responsible and hard-working, completing her secondary education with the advanced level diploma! Today, she is in her third year studying economics at a University. Lillian also continues to volunteer with Hope Africa International, investing back what she received from the program. When I was in Uganda in August, Lillian worked with my daughter to teach sixth and seventh graders in three different schools about drug and alcohol abuse prevention. She has a deep faith and love for Jesus, which makes her a powerful witness in the university setting. All of this stems from her years of sponsorship, simply because someone decided to reach out to her as a little child. As we continue to watch these children grow up, we realize the scope of sponsorship reaches far beyond the child who is sponsored. These godly men and women who were sponsored as children demonstrate the light and life of Jesus as they go out into the world. They use their gifts to build up their communities, churches and families and use their resources to help others in need, just as someone long ago reached out to help them. Hope Africa International seeks to invest deeply into the communities of Kapchorwa, Kaplobotwo and Kabachirya over the long haul. Why? Because we believe that this is how communities are empowered to rise above all circumstances, and we believe that long-term investment is the best way for transformation to take place.