1. Vulnerable Children

Children in rural Uganda are vulnerable to extreme poverty, dropping out of school, early marriage and child trafficking. Sponsoring a child gives them a chance for a better life, ultimately helping to break the cycle of poverty in rural Uganda.

2. Restoring Hope

Sponsoring a child restores hope in a child who otherwise is hopeless as they learn that someone cares enough to help them. This hope gives birth to confidence in a child which enables them to succeed in school and life.

3. Personal Connection

You have an opportunity to get to know and encourage a child personally through letters and photos sent to you 3-4 times per year. Children write about their daily lives and continually tell their sponsors that they pray for them.

4. Accountability

Since our program is small, we have deeper accountability with our Ugandan staff including strict monthly reporting to the USA office and annual financial audits. We also have board members traveling to Uganda at least once per quarter to follow up on our staff and children.

5. Proven Success

Sponsored children are 40% more likely to complete their secondary education (High School) than unsponsored children. Sponsored children are 80% more likely to complete a University education than unsponsored children (See Article by Emily Buchanan). Hope Africa has students who graduated from our program and are studying medicine, pharmacy, economics, engineering and business. Two of our former students received perfect scores on their government exams and are now attending university with full government scholarships! We have former students who are currently serving as teachers, nurses, accountants, mechanics, tailors and many other careers.

6. Sponsored Children Give Back

Sponsored children are more likely to become teachers, pastors, and community leaders, improving their community as a result. Hope Africa’s older sponsored students are passionate about giving back to the program through volunteering in the office, teaching at Center Days (retreats for the children), and participating in outreach events through Hope Africa. One of our graduates is teaching at K&K Primary School, fulfilling her dream to impact the lives of children as she was impacted in the program. We also see our former students care for the needs of their family members and communities now that they have the ability to earn an income.


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