Many needy children in rural Africa feel as though they are on the outside looking in, knowing that without a source of income, succeeding in school will be difficult. Even if they attend a government school, there are fees for uniforms, exams, books and supplies. More often than not, children are then sent home at exam time because these fees have not been paid. Once a child is sponsored, his or her life changes drastically. Instead of struggling to participate regularly in school, they receive practical help and an excellent education. Hope Africa International pays attention to four aspects of child development for a holistic approach: academic, physical, social and spiritual. Spiritual development is a core component, through regular times of prayer, Bible study, and worship.

Sponsorship offers a child immediate hope, by covering the practical costs of a healthy start in life: school tuition and supplies, uniforms, a hot meal every day, and medical care as needed. Most importantly, sponsorship assures that the child has access to the eternal hope found in relationship with Jesus.

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