Uganda is about the size of Oregon with almost eight times its population. On the foothills of Mount Elgon in Eastern Uganda sits the rural town of Kapchorwa, the location of Hope Africa’s first sponsorship program. Our second program, K&K Primary School is located near Ngenge, in the valley below Kapchorwa. The environmental and economic pressure of a dense rural population is quickly apparent; in fact, there is little economic development to speak of. Homes are primarily mud-pack huts or banana-leaf shelters. If you were to journey along the rust-red dirt roads that wind through town, you would pass men on bicycles and giggling groups of schoolchildren in uniform. And you would be amazed at the women who gracefully balance heavy baskets of wood or containers of water perfectly on their heads. As is true throughout most of Africa, families have been devastated by disease, poverty, and political corruption—creating a generation of vulnerable children with little hope for the future. These are the children most likely to fall victim to child trafficking, as desperate parents attempt to “find work” for their children.