During the Arise Uganda Festival in 2004, several visitors from Sisters, a small town in Central Oregon, were part of an outreach to Kapchorwa, and a deep and powerful relationship with the community of Kapchorwa and the nation of Uganda was born. As the partnership matured, teams visited regularly, overcoming significant barriers, to assess and improve the welfare of the community of approximately 75,000 residents.

It was quickly apparent that caring for the children would be the central facet of establishing a long-term, meaningful relationship with Kapchorwa. Begun in 2004 with African Renewal Ministries (ARM), Hope Africa has impacted over 600 children from preschool to high school and is now an independent 501c3 USA non-profit and Ugandan NGO managed by a team in Sisters, Oregon.

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K&K Schools

In 2005, another team traveled to Uganda, this time serving in Ngenge, a rural village in the valley below Mt. Elgon. In years to come, teams from Powell Butte, Oregon traveled to minister specifically to the people of Kaplobotwo and Kabacheriya, also known as K&K. The people of K&K were in great need of medical care and improved education. In 2009, Powell Butte Christian Church developed their own partnership with K&K, sending regular medical teams to treat these people who had little access to sufficient medical care. Powell Butte could also see that the key to transforming this community would be to invest in the education of children. In 2010, Amazing Grace Primary School was established and then later Amazing Grace Secondary School which collectively educate 350 vulnerable children in partnership with Hope Africa International and Powell Butte Christian Church.

Our dedication to Uganda continues as we remain passionately committed to supporting the least of these—the beautiful, vulnerable children of Uganda.

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