Wycliff is one of many of our students who has truly risen above his circumstances and already has a powerful influence on his peers and in his community. When he was just a baby and living in Kenya, his father passed away, leaving his mother no choice but to return to her home in Uganda with her three small children.

Life was difficult, as it is for so many single parent homes in rural Uganda. They shared a small mud house with a thatch roof, sleeping on one woven mat together and subsisting on no more than two meals a day. Each day was a fight for survival for this little family, with education being the lowest priority.

Even in the midst of these challenges, Wycliff was determined to go to school. While government school was not as expensive, he still had to sell firewood to cover exam fees, books, shoes, and uniforms. He proved to be a diligent student, making the best of his situation and the education he received.

Then, his mother applied for sponsorship with Hope Africa International so he could be enrolled in a private school, where his fees, uniforms, and medical care were covered. Wycliff said that when the news of his sponsorship came, “We had tears of joy as we already had seen what Hope Africa had done for children in our community!”

Once in school, he performed well, passing the most rigorous government examination after seventh grade which allowed him to progress to Secondary School (High School). He is currently in his second year of Secondary School striving to become an engineer one day.

Wycliff is most grateful for how Hope Africa has helped him to grow in his faith and relationship with Jesus, giving him the hope he desperately needed. Today, he faithfully serves as a leader with Hope Africa, mentoring the younger students, leading in community outreach events and acting as a positive example to his classmates. In addition to becoming an engineer, he dreams of serving as a pastor.

Our vision is to see the lives of these sponsored children changed so that they can, in turn, impact the lives of others. Wycliff is another powerful example of how being part of Hope Africa International has dramatically changed his life physically and spiritually, giving him confidence so he can bring change to his community.

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