“Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light.”—Norman B. Rice

How often do we ignore the darkness in the world around us, not wanting to engage with what brings us discomfort? We are grateful that a man years ago reached out to David and gave him the opportunity he desperately needed.

David came from a humble home of eight children, raised by his widowed mother. His father passed away when he was only five years old. Without any family income to speak of, David spent a great deal of time selling charcoal to pay his own school fees. He worked hard day after day cutting trees and making charcoal to progress all the way through Secondary Four (11th grade). He performed very well on his exams and was admitted to Sebei College for Secondary Five and Six, but his charcoal business was insufficient to cover the school fees.

One day, when David had lost all hope of continuing his education, he was walking down the street in Kapchorwa and he heard a voice calling him by name, “David, David!”

David turned and replied, “Yes, please!”

The man told him, “I heard you passed very well on your government exams, but cannot attend Sebei because of the school fees!” David told him it was true, and the man said he must go to school first thing on Monday to register for classes. All his fees, uniforms, books and anything else needed would be covered! This is how God intervened in David’s life enabling him to progress all the way through University.

When David graduated from college, he managed a local hotel, but was not at peace with his career and unhealthy working conditions. He entered into a time of fasting and prayer, seeking the Lord’s direction in his life. During this time, he had a dream that he was walking on a very slippery rock and below him were children who kept sliding back down every time they attempted to climb the rock. He had to reach below to pull them up one by one. He was comforted by this dream as he realized God had lifted him up out of his own situation and was calling him to do the same for the oppressed, the orphans and the most vulnerable children.

Just after he was married in 2004, he was approached by African Renewal Ministries to manage their child sponsorship program in Kapchorwa, an unexpected answer to his dream to serve children living the same story David faced! Today, David continues to serve with Hope Africa International, often acting as the only father figure in our sponsored children’s lives, truly reaching into the darkness to lift them into the light!

David’s life is an example of how investing in just one person can have a far greater reach than we can possibly imagine. One man provided for one fatherless boy who is now caring for the needs of hundreds of children, many of whom are also fatherless and vulnerable! When we hear stories like this, we must ask ourselves what could happen if I just cared for one child?

Today, Hope Africa International sponsors children in two areas, Kapchorwa and Ngenge, Uganda, providing school fees, uniforms, medical care and camps for over 450 children. Since 2005, over 675 children have been impacted through sponsorship!