It is a daily struggle for most families in rural Africa who depend on sustenance farming just to feed their children. This leaves little room for the “extras”, such as school fees, clothes, or medical care.  In one girl’s situation, the “extra” was her Secondary (High School) School fees. After three years of Secondary School, her father could no longer pay for her fees, so she dropped out of school altogether. In the midst of her vulnerability, she found herself pregnant and alone, completely abandoned by the child’s father. She gave birth to a beautiful boy named Brighton.

With the additional mouth to feed, her already stressed parents became desperate. She also became desperate and gave in to the pressure of quickly marrying another man, hoping to relieve them. Tragically, the man rejected Brighton and forced her to give him up to the care of her parents.

Our hearts break when we hear of this kind of rejection, an all too common story for children in Eastern Uganda. Thankfully, Brighton’s grandparents love him deeply, but their ailing health prevents them from providing for his school fees. So, Brighton has been waiting (for over a year now) to be sponsored so he can receive a quality education, uniforms, medical care and the hope he is not forgotten.

We want to bring Brighton into our Hope Africa “Family” so he can reach his potential and follow his dream of becoming a doctor. Most importantly, we want to help Brighton to grow into the man, husband or father God created him to be. We believe this is how the cycle of poverty can be broken!

Most of our sponsored children have stories like Brighton’s, but are thriving in our program through the simple gift of sponsorship. They are excelling in school, growing in God’s love, and learning how to be leaders, all because someone extended love to them through sponsorship. Sponsorship does change the life of a child dramatically and you can be a part of this transformation!

Would you consider helping Brighton reach his potential? You can sponsor him today at!