Awhile ago, we shared about Hope Africa’s Project Overseer, David Chebet, and his own story of suffering and perseverance. David faced many challenges in his life and someone cared enough, saw his potential and reached out to help him. Today, David faithfully serves the children of Hope Africa International because he wants them to also be brought from “darkness into light”. He even, with the help of a few other pastors, started a church for these children to attend. You can look back at his story we shared here:

David recorded his story here as well for you to see how one man invested in his life, bringing peace and making a way when it seemed like there was no way. One man invested in David’s life and now David is giving back to hundreds of children, guiding and discipling them into a life of wholeness and healing through relationship with God through His son, Jesus. I’ve asked this before and I ask again, “What could happen if I invested in just one child’s life?”

Here is David’s message, sharing about how one man’s generosity changed his life.

David Chebet’s Story