Last year, Hope Africa provided blankets for sponsored children at Christmas time, a practical gift because the temperatures get cold at 7,000 feet elevation. Blankets also signify comfort. When children can stay comfortably warm, they sleep better, and if well-rested, learning is more easily accomplished.

What Hope Africa did not know, was that this simple gift of care would speak loudly to the leaders of Kapchorwa. During a meeting with tribal leaders and village officials, one of our board members noticed the leaders pointing to the colorful blankets piled in the corner and speaking to one another in their native language. When asked what they were saying, an official translated, “Look, see those blankets! These people are good people, who are doing good things for the children of Kapchorwa. We need to support them however we can!”

What began as a simple gesture of comfort and care, became an act that created trust. True kindness multiplies without any effort at all.