The heart of Hope Africa International has always been to partner with parents, teachers, pastors, and guardians to raise up the next generation. Parents in all parts of the world have hopes and dreams for the future of their children, but not all parents have the means to actualize these hopes and dreams. Teachers in all parts of the world strive to educate their students for success in life, but not all teachers have the resources to give their students the best possible education. People (siblings, aunts, uncles, neighbors) around the world receive children as their own, loving them with every part of their being, but not everyone is able to provide for the needs of these children.

“Mama Moses” was widowed and growing older when one day her life was changed forever. She woke up from a nap, walked outside and noticed her cow was missing. After searching, she found the cow, untangled his lead from the bushes and then it walked away. Mama Moses caught up to the cow, finding a newborn infant in the bush next to it! She tells her story with passion and love as she became the mother to Moses, raising him as her own son. We feel blessed to partner with Mama Moses through sponsorship. Watch her powerful story to learn more!

Film and photos produced by James Christopher Yankey