Ivan Ooga, CloseThe Kony insurgency brought horror to central Africa. Two precious children escaped Kony’s reach with their mother, and you have a chance to be a part of their future of hope.

Ivan and Winnie’s mother is originally from Kapchorwa, but she moved to Northern Uganda to make a home with her husband. When Kony’s insurgency reached Uganda, it killed Ivan and Winnie’s father.

Winnie Ayupo, Close

Their mother took them and fled on foot to seek refuge for her family in her childhood home.

Yet the refuge they found was not complete. Her parents had died, and living with her brother only brought abuse. So she moved her children again. She now works hard as a cleaner to provide for them on her own.

Ivan, Winnie, and their mother have overcome war and abuse. Now, they look toward their future, a future you can support. Ivan has one more year of primary school, and his sister is a year behind him, in Primary 6.

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