When they were very young children, tragic, sudden loss of their parents left Morine and her two siblings completely alone. Their extended family struggled to decide who would take on the responsibility of a three year-old, two year-old and struggling infant.  Finally, one day as the toddlers were playing in the village, their grandparents came to take them to their home. While they did all they could to care for these children, Morine’s grandparents barely had enough to provide for clothes and food. Morine’s infant sister survived on cow’s milk, the only way they could afford to feed her. The children faced many difficult days, hungry and walking to school without shoes. Often, they would have to stay home because they did not have the money to pay for the school fees.

Years later, Morine’s grandmother heard of our child sponsorship program and registered the children for sponsorship. After waiting for one long year, they were sponsored so they could attend a quality school, receive uniforms, shoes, and meals at school!

“I saw hope restored in my life after the death of my parents, and I really thank God for the miracle of sponsorship!” Morine reflected.

Morine never took this miracle for granted, but worked diligently, achieving top scores on her government exams after 7th grade. These scores admitted her to an excellent High School where she is completing her last year of school in December 2018!  Morine is confident she will pass her final government exam to receive her Advanced Diploma which will admit her into a University to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher.

Our vision at Hope Africa International is to invest in the lives of children with the goal that they will develop a passion and desire to lead in their communities. This leadership may come in various forms such as teaching, medicine, business, church ministry, and through parenting the next generation of children. Because of the simple gift of sponsorship, Morine is a beautiful example of someone who has risen above her circumstances, choosing to lead and give back to her community as a teacher.