Parents, widows, uncles, sisters and grandmothers of sponsored children gathered together in Kapchorwa to express deep gratitude for the impact Hope Africa has had on their families over the last ten years.  We were overwhelmed to the point of tears as we listened to their hearts.  Though each family has a unique story of suffering, they all rejoice in the fact that God has given them hope and provided for their children.  The 82 year old grandmother of Brenda (above), has worked hard over the years to care for her granddaughter, Brenda, but could not have sent her to school without assistance.  One father wept as he described in great detail how meaningful it was for his son to have a new pair of shoes, just so he could go to school with dignity.  “We are an abandoned family,” one mother said (below), as she cares for her children alone.  Yet, she gives all glory to God that her daughter is sponsored and has hope for a future.  One very young woman has been caring for all of her siblings since the death of both of their parents.  She is also grateful her sister has the chance to go to school.  Each of these families thanked our Ugandan team for their faithfulness in spite of many challenges, for their love for the children and for building up the children in faith through camps and center days.

What is next for Hope Africa?  We believe it is a new day, an incredible opportunity to move forward and reach more children who are in desperate situations.  Hope Africa’s Vice Chairman, Troy Smith, encouraged parents and guardians of sponsored children to step up, pool resources and work together to better meet the needs of children in the program.  There is still so much to be done, but we can see God at work in these families to raise up the next generation.