Sometimes we may ask ourselves, “What does sponsorship really do? Can it help girls and women overcome the cultural difficulties they face around the world?” We all know the stories, stories of girls being trafficked (especially those living in extreme poverty), stories of girls dropping out of school for arranged marriages with older men, stories of girls who are neglected and rejected because of their gender. In Uganda, every one of our girls faces obstacles in achieving their potential, perpetuated by extreme poverty in rural regions.

We have seen the impact of sponsorship on the lives of all our children, but especially for girls. As girls progress in our program, they gain confidence in who they are and in knowledge of God’s love for them. We see extraordinary gifts arise as they grow and learn, gifts that may have been otherwise hidden or discouraged.

Faiza, sponsored when she was young, dreams of becoming a doctor, specifically a gynecologist. Now she is a young woman who is getting closer to reaching her dream as she is completing her last year of Secondary School to obtain her Advanced Level Diploma in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. This means that in December, she will test in these three primary subjects, and her performance will determine if she can be admitted into University for the medical field.

We believe she can do it! In fact, just last year she was selected to participate in the Uganda National Mathematics Contest through her school. She tested as one of four best students in her school to reach the next level of testing in Kampala. One thousand sixty-four students in Uganda were selected to take this 2nd test to determine if they could compete internationally. Specifically, they would travel to Argentina to compete with the world’s best math students. Just making it to the National level was exciting for Faiza, but she had her eyes set on making the international group. The top 50 students were selected, but sadly Faiza was 52nd…so very close! She wrote to her sponsor,

“I cried, but I knew that opportunities would always avail themselves. I learnt to always trust the Lord and have faith in Him, because His love is always with us.”

Ultimately, this incredibly articulate, intelligent young woman will accomplish many things, but her heart is to give back by serving women as a gynecologist, alleviating the suffering of women in her country. This is what sponsorship does…it is a simple, relatively small gift which reaches beyond the life of a child into their families and communities.

Do you want to invest in the life and education of a child for only $39/month, giving them the hope and confidence they need? We have a list of 48 children in deep need of sponsorship who are Uganda’s next generation! We can impact Uganda together, one child at a time!

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