She never intended to leave her children behind, but the abuse was threatening her life. Day after day, her husband harassed her, even after their clan and community leaders tried to defend her. He had absolutely no respect for anyone, not even traditional authority. She truly thought she had no choice but to run. His violence was always against her, not the children, so she never imagined anything would happen to them.

Of course, her heart longed for her children, but would she be able to manage caring for them on her own, with no skills or education to find a job? Then, two years ago, she found out that her daughter had broken her hand, but the father neglected to take her to the doctor. As soon as she heard this, she decided to bring her five children back to her mother’s home. Single handedly, this woman, a victim of domestic violence, is raising the children, struggling to put food on the table. The little girl’s hand did not heal properly because of her father’s negligence, so she is unable to do many things around the house. Her mother struggles with the guilt of her decision.

But the hope that she was not forgotten was ignited when a kind sponsor decided to invest in the girl’s life and education. Sponsorship provides a quality education, uniforms and shoes…she started school in January! Now that the child is part of our Hope Africa family, she can join our regular center days where she will hear about the love of God and what it means to have a relationship with Jesus. She will be told that she matters to God, after years of feeling rejected by the adults in her life. The financial burden the mother was experiencing is eased because the child’s needs are met. Lastly, she can receive medical care and potential treatment for her damaged hand.

This is what sponsorship does. It brings hope for a child and as that hope grows, the child is changed, confident and able to serve her community. We have seen this happen time and again with our previously sponsored children. In response to the gift of sponsorship, they turn and give back to their families, community and ultimately their country. They are better equipped to work and provide for themselves and to raise stronger, healthier families when the time comes.

Do you want to take part in providing this kind of hope for a child? We believe that when a child is sponsored, the reach is far greater than to just that child. Her family, friends and community are impacted as she thrives and grows into the person she was meant to be.

What Does Sponsorship Do?

**Please note that we have not included any actual photos or names of the child or her mother for their privacy.