I recently heard of Edith’s tragic, yet courageous story, reminding me of the blessing sponsorship brings to the child and to the sponsor. Several years ago, Edith’s father passed away leaving her mother to care for the needs of this child on her own. Thankfully, at that time, Edith was sponsored and able to attend school through Primary 7, a wonderful accomplishment for this girl. However, the past few months have proven to be extremely difficult for Edith as her mother was diagnosed with cancer. As Edith’s mother fights for her life, Edith struggles to go to school and care for her mother on her own. Without the financial support of a father, these two can barely make ends meet. Last term, Edith dropped out of school to attend to her mother’s needs, but would like to return. Our hearts ache for this girl, especially since her sponsor is no longer able to support her. Would you consider sponsoring this child to help her complete her education? Or would you share her story with friends and family to help us find her a new sponsor? Please visit http://www.hopeafricakids.com and click on “Sponsor a Child” to sponsor Edith Wamboi.

Update: We are happy to say that Edith was sponsored as of July 23rd!