“Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.” –1 Peter 3:8

From the moment she was born, Precious Jalia experienced suffering and rejection. Her mother was rejected by her father and then spiraled into severe mental illness. Even as an infant, the mother would carry her wherever she went, but then forget and leave the child behind. People passing by would rescue the infant and return her to her home, however no one was willing to take the child in or help the mother in any way.

There was a student who saw the plight of this child at the hands of her mother and was moved to act in compassion. He called his mother, Kulzum, and told her the tragic story of what was happening to Precious. Would she consider adopting the baby and raising her as her own? Kulzum consulted with her husband, Mustafa, and he immediately agreed. He said, “Even though we don’t have many resources in our home, we need to take care of this child. Who knows, God may even remember us in other ways as we take care of this suffering child.”

The parents went to Precious’ father to ask if he would approve of them adopting Precious and he agreed. So Baby Precious was brought into Kulzum and Mustafa’s loving home in 2013 allowing her to thrive and grow in a healthy environment. Her biological father visits now and again, but has otherwise relinquished his role as a father. Her mother passed away in 2016, and as an even deeper act of mercy, Kulzum and Mustafa paid for her burial.

Today, we are excited to share that seven year-old Precious was sponsored to assist these gracious parents so she can receive a quality education, uniforms and shoes, medical care as needed and the hope she is not forgotten.