A Future Given


What impact does sponsoring a child really have?  It seems like a difficult question, doesn’t it?  Sponsors don’t have control over the outcome, but ideally, sponsors give from their hearts with a deep desire to reach out and bring hope to a child, regardless of how that child will respond.

James is a beautiful example of what hope can do for a child who has faced unimaginable loss.  Early on in his life, his father abandoned him and his three siblings.  Then, when his mother remarried, she left the children with their aging grandmother.  For James, the future seemed impossible, especially when it came to pursuing an education.

Then, in 2007, James’ life was changed when he was sponsored and joined Testimony School.  He is now attending Secondary School with hopes to become a doctor one day.

Today, James rejoices over the many blessings in his life.  Through Hope Africa Child Sponsorship and God’s grace, he gained the knowledge of God, his Creator and Jesus, his Savior.  He has hope not only for a better future in this life, but also in the life to come.

The sacrifices James’ sponsor has made for him and his family have gone above and beyond regular monthly sponsorship.  His sponsor has purchased goats and even a cow for them, providing a way for James’ grandmother to support herself and the children.

One sponsor gave a future to James by giving from her heart.  Is your heart pulling you to bring hope to a child?  Visit www.hopeafricakids.com today to learn more!



What if…..


One day I asked my oldest daughter what kinds of games her friends in Africa enjoyed playing (we lived in Africa for a couple of years).  She struggled to answer and then said, “Mom, they really aren’t that different than kids in America.  I mean, they may not have the same things we have, but they are similar in that they just like to be together and to play!”  What if we adults could see beyond differences and conclude that people are people?

A few days ago I was speaking with one of our long term sponsors about how she started sponsoring children with Hope Africa.  Passionate about helping the “least of these” and desiring to instill that same passion in the hearts of their children, she and her husband decided to sponsor one child for each child in their family.  They are particularly drawn to Hope Africa because of the personal relationship fostered between sponsors and children.  Are they a young family stretched with the demands on their finances and time?  Absolutely.  Do they allow these demands to prevent them from opening up their hearts to children halfway across the globe?  Absolutely not.

What if more families responded to the needs of impoverished children in this way?  I believe they would give their children the richest lesson of how it is far greater to give than it is to receive.  They would have the opportunity to engage with a child whose world is completely different, yet is still a child with very similar basic desires and needs.

What if each of us told our friends and family the beautiful story of how Hope Africa began….the story of one church in Sisters partnering with one community in Uganda to bring hope to children?

What if we all reached out to just one child, in just one community in just one country?  A simple investment of $35/month brings endless possibilities and profound impact.