One morning last month, Janet woke up realizing she didn’t have any food to feed her children and no money left for essentials. She had been caring for her children on her own for years as a widow, struggling even in the best of times. Her son had suffered from osteomyelitis, a life-threatening bone infection, for years, with multiple surgeries draining all of their resources before sponsorship. Through the gift of sponsorship, he received treatment and has become the top student in his class at Sebei College Tegeres, with a dream to become an Orthopedic Doctor.

Since the Ugandan government ordered a lockdown in early April, millions of people were affected by the closure of non-essential businesses and closure of public and private transportation. For Uganda’s casual laborers, this has been especially devastating, since they literally live “hand to mouth” without any back up, savings, or assistance. The lockdown has also closed all the schools, public and private, a place where all of our sponsored children are fed twice a day. While Uganda has offered to provide food, they have had to limit those provisions to people living in urban areas. This, along with children being at home full time, leaves our rural sponsored families at risk for hunger, especially those who do not own land for farming.

Janet did the only thing she knew to do and went to visit her friend, Joyce, to see if she had any food to share. As soon as she arrived, and before she could ask for help, Joyce told her that they all went to bed hungry the night before since they had also run out of food. The two women decided they needed to spend the time fasting and praying instead. As they were praying, they received a phone call from Kapchorwa’s Hope Africa office telling them to come and collect maize, beans and soap for their families!

These women are just two of all of our sponsored children’s parents who are rejoicing over the miracle of food! We were able to provide 15 kilos of maize, 5 kilos of beans and soap along with instructions on hand-washing and sanitation for every child in the program by using sponsorship donations. Since large gatherings are banned in Uganda at this time, Hope Africa’s Board of Directors voted to reallocate budgeted funds normally used for camps and centre days in this emergency situation. The community of Kapchorwa and the local government has been broadcasting about all Hope Africa is doing for the children and glorifying God for His provision!

As of May 5th, however, Uganda extended the lockdown another two weeks. This means that we needed to purchase more food to care for our sponsored children. In order to not exhaust budgeted funds for school fees (saved for when schools open again), we decided to fundraise $5000 for this second round of food provisions. We understand that times are uncertain and very difficult even here in the USA right now, but if you are able to contribute to our General fund to help feed children in Kapchorwa, we would deeply appreciate your generosity. Donations can be made using the link below or by texting FOODFUND to (503)647-4673. If you are unable to financially contribute, that’s okay! Our sponsored children are also in need of prayer every single day!

Thank you, sponsors, for all you are doing to care for and love our children. They ask about you, pray for you, and are sincerely concerned for each one of you.

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