Several months ago, the children’s ministry director at Vast Church told us the kids were praying for Babrah to be sponsored.  The children prayed and waited….for many months!  Once in awhile, someone asks me to choose a child for them to sponsor.  After all, there are about 90 kids available.  Sometimes people struggle with “choosing” a child and leaving behind the rest.  Then, this last Sunday, a young woman came to me, asking me to choose a child for her to sponsor.  My first thought was Babrah, but I didn’t say anything at first because I was distracted by another conversation.  When I turned around to talk to her, she had picked up Babrah’s photo card.  She said, “I saw her picture online and she keeps coming back to me.”  As I told her how the children had been praying, she started crying!  Just recently graduated from high school, this new sponsor has been saving diligently the last few months to be able to sponsor a child.  She’s just started college, dreams of becoming a nurse, but she is sacrificing and stretching her resources to bring hope to Babrah!