Many needy children in rural Africa feel as though they are on the outside looking in, knowing that without a source of income, succeeding in school will be difficult. Even if they attend a government school, there are fees for uniforms, exams, books and supplies. More often than not, children are then sent home at exam time because these fees have not been paid. Once a child is sponsored, his or her life changes drastically. Instead of struggling to participate regularly in school, they receive practical help and an excellent education. Hope Africa International pays attention to four aspects of child development for a holistic approach: academic, physical, social and spiritual. Spiritual development is a core component, through regular times of prayer, Bible study, and worship.

Sponsorship offers a child immediate hope, by covering the practical costs of a healthy start in life: school tuition and supplies, uniforms, a hot meal every day, and medical care as needed. Most importantly, sponsorship assures that the child has access to the eternal hope found in relationship with Jesus.



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During the Arise Uganda Festival in 2004, several visitors from Sisters, a small town in Central Oregon, were part of an outreach to Kapchorwa, and a deep and powerful relationship with the community of Kapchorwa and the nation of Uganda was born. As the partnership matured, teams visited regularly, overcoming significant barriers, to assess and improve the welfare of the community of approximately 75,000 residents.

It was quickly apparent that caring for the children would be the central facet of establishing a long-term, meaningful relationship with Kapchorwa. Begun in 2004 with African Renewal Ministries (ARM), Hope Africa has impacted over 600 children from preschool to high school and is now an independent 501c3 USA non-profit and Ugandan NGO managed by a team in Sisters, Oregon.


In 2005, another team traveled to Uganda, this time serving in Ngenge, a rural village in the valley below Mt. Elgon. In years to come, teams from Powell Butte, Oregon traveled to minister specifically to the people of Kaplobotwo and Kabacheriya, also known as K&K. The people of K&K were in great need of medical care and improved education. In 2009, Powell Butte Christian Church developed their own partnership with K&K, sending regular medical teams to treat these people who had little access to sufficient medical care. Powell Butte could also see that the key to transforming this community would be to invest in the education of children. In 2010, Amazing Grace Primary School was established and then later Amazing Grace Secondary School which collectively educate 350 vulnerable children in partnership with Hope Africa International, Kingdomwork Ministries, and Powell Butte Christian Church.



Was started by Local Oregonians who care about Uganda’s future.

Hope Africa International began in 2009 as a group of people from Central Oregon who shared a deep passion to see change in the small communities of Kapchorwa and Ngenge, Uganda. They believed this change would happen through educating children. The program grew quickly to over 450 children, sponsored primarily by residents of Central Oregon.

Provides the best education in Eastern Uganda.

Hope Africa provides school fees for students to attend quality private schools. They are given the best possible opportunity for success and teachers who care deeply for their students.

Is locally managed by Ugandans.

Hope Africa is locally managed by highly educated Ugandan staff who are passionate about children and believe in the value of community. This is important because Ugandans understand their culture and community better than Westerners ever could.

Encourages personal relationship between children and sponsors.

Sponsorship with Hope Africa International offers sponsors the opportunity to know their sponsored child personally, through letters, photos, and perhaps even a supervised visit to Uganda!

Staff know who is truly in need.

Since our program is small and confined to two rural Ugandan communities, our local staff know the children well. They know their family situations and whether or not they are truly in need. This helps us ensure that the most vulnerable children are receiving our help.

Encourages children to give back.

Hope Africa expects all sponsored students to give back by helping with outreach events, visiting hospitals, and helping the younger children. They’re given regular opportunities to grow their leadership skills.

Graduates become its future volunteers.

Because the program contributed so much to their own success, many of Hope Africa’s graduates return as volunteers, assisting with camps and other events.

Values partnership between program and parents.

Hope Africa sees sponsorship as a partnership between the donors, the program, and the sponsored child’s parents. Parents and guardians are expected to participate by making small financial contributions to the program, volunteering at camps and Center Days, and by supporting their child’s study habits.

Holds to a high standard of financial accountability.

Hope Africa holds to an extremely high level of financial accountability. To maintain transparency and ensure integrity, we require monthly financial reports, access to local bank accounts, and annual professional audits.

Keeps our USA administrative overhead minimal.

Hope Africa strives for frugality and keeps our USA administrative overhead small (See financial reports here). We employ just two part-time staff and utilize a team of volunteers for help with administration and fundraising. This means more funds are available for the Ugandan children’s direct needs.

Hope Africa International is governed by a volunteer board of directors including DC Lundy, Troy Smith, Garth Tosello, Cheri Miller, Mick Black and Karen Williams. They bring a wealth of experience, wisdom and knowledge from their years of involvement in Uganda and Africa. One or more of our members travels to Kapchorwa at least quarterly to follow up on our Ugandan staff and sponsored children.

Katie Keranen works from Sisters, Oregon to administrate and promote Hope Africa. Katie worked for Free Methodist World Missions and International Childcare Ministries (a child sponsorship program) while living in Malawi, Africa from 2007-2011.

Our programs are entirely run by local, Ugandan staff in Kapchorwa and at K&K. Our lead staff are highly trained and have a passion for children. We also have many volunteers in Uganda who invest in our sponsored children.

  • Kapchorwa StaffDavid Chebet is married with five children and holds a Bachelor of Science in Management in Commerce. Harriet Chekwurui is married with three children and holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration. Alice Sande is married and holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. Doricus Cheptoek has a Diploma in Business and Accounting.
  • K&K Staff: Micheal Chemonges is the Lead Pastor of the church at K&K and General Overseer of the School Projects. Phylis Yapsikora Chemonges is the Child Sponsorship Administrator for K&K. Both Micheal and Phylis served for many years with Hope Africa in Kapchorwa before beginning the child sponsorship program at K&K.
  • Ugandan Volunteers: Pastors, teachers, parents and community members assist Hope Africa through discipleship, office work, camps, and center days, keeping our administrative costs low.
  • Community Advisory Committee: The purpose of this Ugandan committee is to advise our staff and Board of Directors on the needs of our sponsored children. The members include school directors, pastors, community members and parents.

Crystal Vogt. Crystal has served many years in church ministry and provides part-time administrative support for Hope Africa..