Most of us are able to count on food for dinner, clean clothes, basic medical care and water to drink. These necessities are much more difficult to access in Eastern Uganda.

Meals are strictly rationed.

Clean clothes require scrubbing with work-worn hands, instead of tossing in a washing machine.

Clean water is not always available. Water must be carried to homes by hand.

Medical care is very difficult to find. For serious medical conditions, residents of Kapchorwa must travel hours and only if they can afford it.

John Kazin’s father was diagnosed with cancer. He has four children and is a single dad. He must travel for medical treatment and this is nearly impossible with all his responsibilities. His cancer stole his hope so much that he considered his children orphans even though he is still living. His brothers considered him as good as dead and stole his land, selling it for their own financial gain.

Hope is a precarious and necessary commodity.

His one remaining hope was that his son, John, would be sponsored and could secure a brighter future for himself.

His hope was fulfilled as John has been sponsored and attends the best primary school in Kapchorwa, Faith Homes Primary School.

May his hope fulfilled nourish his heart and allow him to hope more.

Written By Jill Dyer. Photo by Victoria Carlson Photography.