Sponsoring a child at K&K Schools for $35/month provides education, uniforms, shoes, food, and medical care for the students of K&K at Amazing Grace Primary School and Amazing Grace Secondary School. If you partner with us in sponsoring these schools, you will also have the opportunity to communicate via written letters to a child attending the school. This child lives in or near either the village of Kabacheriya or Kaplobotwo—we call them K&K. During the “reign of terror” by Idi Amin, many thousands of Ugandans were forced to flee into hiding to save the lives of their families. After Amin was removed from power, the Ugandan government established “Internally Displaced People”, or IDP camps. Soon, the camps were forgotten and the people left to fend for themselves. Kabacheriya and Kaplobotwo are two of these forgotten IDP camps in eastern Uganda.